Dave Spaulding along with many alternate members filled out DRM Band, and now Dave Spaulding and the Double-Edge Blues Band.

Alone, Dave touches your soul with his newly created heartfelt blues, as well as the old favorites from Stevie Ray, Muddy Waters and all the Kings! He enjoys visiting as many local Blues Jams as he can in a week. (He may view it as a contest, I’m not sure.) ; ) Proficient on keyboards, screaming a B3 on one tune, then the stark plaintive call of a piano part reaches out to you from the next and then, an innovator from the birthings of midi, he creates a synthesized set of layers to knock your socks off! Dave also loves to caress the strings of guitars, both acoustic and electric, in whatever way the song calls out to be heard.

Dave also plays with Surprise!, a wonderful collection of Blues with John Schiavoni singing. With a songlist longer than your Daddy’s arm they’ll entertain at wedding receptions, church celebrations, fund raisers for non-profits, and any night basically anywhere you want to hear them play!

Dave Spaulding and the Double-Edge Blues Band is just that – an awesome mix of the old blues favorites and Dave’s amazing originals, speaking deep into the soul of those longing for a life line to pull them up inch by inch out of “the blues” and up where they can see “The Big Blue Sky!”

Dave is always looking for a venue to play, so if you have an event, give us a call, a text, an email, whatever it takes to get our attention and we’ll come runnin’! Check out our EVENTS link at the top of this page for what’s happening! Ask for a sampling of our songs – some will be added to the site for you when we get that sophisticated.