Center of the Universe Brew Fest!

Dave Spaulding performed with Pistol Pete and the Smoking Guns from 1pm to 4pm at New England Dragway, Epping, NH (Hence, the center of the universe . . . !) Dave Thompson opened the day. Dave Spaulding inserted a short set before he needed to leave . . . to go to another gig, of course!

If you’ve never heard of Pistol Pete & the Smokin’ Guns, you can check them out here:

Pistol Pete & the Smoking Guns – At Haverhill Amvets, 12/18/15

While this is old, they are amazing musicians and rock the blues like nobody’s business. The day was a chilly one, gloves on the bass player, Mike Berkowitz and the guitarist, Rick Campbell, figured out how to hold a hand warmer and play at the same time! Check with Peter Chase on facebook to see when they are playing next:

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